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IWD Media Creates Custom iQR Codes for use in Direct Mail, Brochures, Website Promotions and Much More

Custom iQR Codes for use in Direct Mail, Brochures, Website Promotions...

iQR codes offer a chance to share information fast!

Direct potential clients / customers to your website / ecommerce store, socal media platforms, blog, video blog, etc. We can create custom made iQR codes to match your business style.

iQR is the new QR code that has an higher data capacity allowing it to be printable at smaller sizes whilst keeping the functionality intact. Our custom made iQR codes can be in any colour or use a gradient background making them stand out from the QR crowd. An iQR code easily allows you to quickly share information across many formats such as:

Any Website Link
Printed Advertisement
Product Discount
Product Information
Step-by-step Instructional Videos
How-To-Do Videos
Business Cards
Your Facebook Page
Promote Your Website
PayPal [Buy Now] Link
Newsletter Opt-in
Contact Information
Direct App Download Link
Direct Employers to your CV/Resume
LinkedIn Profile
Direct Mail
Event Information
Recipe Information
And many more areas of usage.

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