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Conversion of our valued client 'DSL Collection' Adobe Flash Flipbook to HTML5

It's official, Adobe has announced Flash will make its final exit by 2020.

With the demise of Adobe Flash, its player set to be removed from all browsers by 2020, we at iWD Media thought it imperitive to convert the very successful Adobe Flash 'DSL Collection' Flipbook across to the new HTML5 format, making it accessible for all computers and devices. This has now been completed and can be viewed using the link below:

What will you find in the new HTML5 Flipbook?

250 artists, including both the earlier generation of contemporary artists, those who were already active around the Chinese Avant-Garde Exhibition in 1989 and the latest generation of Chinese artists, many of whom are relatively unknown in the West.

250 artists
350 artworks
Videos of the collections
Experience the virtual exhibition by Martina Köppel-Yang

View the DSL Collection flipbook online: http://www.dslbook.com/

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