Needle in a haystack

It’s very simple. If you want potential customers to find your website then it needs to be fully optimised to enable it to climb up the search engine rankings. If they can’t find you they won’t use your services or buy your products!
There are 6 websites to every person on the planet. Finding your website amongst all the others is like finding a needle in a haystack. Search engine optimisation (SEO) is a necessity if you want those potential customers to find your site above your competitors. Lost visitors mean lost sales.

There are many aspects of your website that need to be taken into consideration when thinking about SEO. Does it load quickly, is your content up-to-date, is it responsive, are your images optimised correctly, do you track site visitors, do you have an SSL certificate. All these, along with many other considerations, can affect your search engine ranking. Getting it right is a time consuming ongoing process which needs to be done right.

SEO Audit – £150

If you have an existing website and are just looking to improve your search engine ranking then we will conduct an SEO audit of your website and from there we will determine what needs to be done to the website to move it up through the rankings. We will look at keyword use, responsiveness, site content, page speeds, image optimisation, social media links, ppc campaigns. All this will help us determine what kind of SEO package you will require. This initial SEO audit will cost £150.

If you are approaching us for a new website then all the above SEO audit will be taken into consideration when we are designing and building your site.

SEO Packages
From £245 per month

Our SEO packages are based on your individual website needs. Contact us for more details.

A few facts & figures

There are over 6 websites for every person on the planet


60% of web browsing is now done on a mobile device

$65bn was spent on search engine optimisation in 2016

A few of our SEO successes. They all rank on page 1 of Google

“IWD offer that perfect mix of creative and technical skills that push them into first place whenever we want to promote our business.” Mark Asquith

Principal, Asquith & Co.

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